A digital system based on a low-cost satellite terminal, providing two-way store-and-forward messaging, distress calling, EGC SafetyNET and FleetNET, data reporting and polling. The system is approved for use under the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and mandatory for Solas-compliant ships operating outside Navtex coverage areas.

Communications via the Inmarsat-C system are data or message-based. Anything that can be coded into data bits can be transmitted via Inmarsat-C. Messages are transferred to and from an Inmarsat-C terminal at an information rate of 600 bits/sec. Frequencies are 1626.5-1645.5MHz (transmit), 1530.0-1545.0Mhz (receive).

Inmarsat C enables digital satellite communications for:
– Two-way messaging and data communications
– Polling and Data Reporting
– Safety / Emergency Alerting
– Fax (from mobile direction only)
– Store and forward Telex
– Internet E-mail
– Enhanced Group Call – SafetyNETSM and FleetNETSM

E-mail and SMS have become indispensable tools when keeping in touch with business associates, loved ones and friends. Inmarsat C terminals allow e-mails and SMS to be sent and received directly. .

Inmarsat C is also highly effective for Fleet Tracking (Polling and Data Reporting). Mobile terminals can also be programmed to report information, either at fixed intervals or in response to a poll request making it ideal for remote monitoring and data collection.

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