Fleet Broadband

fleetbroadband_overview_brochure_en_page_1FleetBroadband is the next-generation maritime communications service from Inmarsat. It provides simultaneou s broadband high-speed data and voice through a single, compact antenna globally Based on 3G standards, FleetBroadband allows you to send and receive emails with large file attachments, surf the web, run complex data applications and make voice calls all at the same time. It can be seamlessly integrated with your shore-based system. There are three different terminals called FBB150, FBB250, FBB500. Unlike the fleet services, it cannot be use without SIM card. FleetBroadband is accessible globally, except in the extreme polar regions

20161011_140719Standard IP: Up to 432kbps via a secured local POP for email, Internet and intranet access.

Streaming IP: Guaranteed data rates on demand up to 256kbps via a secured local POP for video and audio applications.

Voice: High-quality voice for bridge and crew communication (4kbps digital and 3.1 kHz audio).

ISDN: Supports ISDN at 64kbps for legacy applications.

SMS: Send and receive SMSes of up to 160 characters.

Fax: Group 3 via 3.1 kHz Audio(9.6kbps or 2.4 kbps fax does not available.)



Service/Features FBB150 FBB250 FBB500
Standard IP Upto 150kbps(be) Upto 284kbps(be) Upto 432kbps(be)
Streaming IP N/A 32/64/128kbps 32/64/128/256kbps
ISDN N/A N/A 64kbps
Voice 4kbps digital 3.1kHz audio 4kbps digital 3.1kHz audio 4kbps digital 3.1kHz audio
Fax N/A Group 3 fax via 3.1kHz audio Group 3 fax via 3.1kHz audio
SMS Standard 3G(up to 160 characters) Standard 3G(up to 160 characters) Standard 3G(up to 160 characters)
Diameter Range (from) 29.10 cm 32.92 cm 65.30 cm
Height (from) 22.10 cm 27.56 cm 64.30 cm
Weight (from) 2.50 kg 3.90 kg 18.00 kg

Superior Performance: Simultaneous voice and data capabilities enhance business efficiency. The vessel’s operational systems run online simultaneously while users access emails, surf the Internet and make phone calls using the same terminal.

Cost Effective:  Terminals are competitively priced with a choice of airtime pricing packages to best suit your customer’s communication needs

Complete Security:  Supports private networks, such as VPN

Total Flexibility: Customers can choose from a wide range of FleetBroadband monthly plans to suit your satellite communication needs. They are: 25MB, 75MB, 250MB, 1GB, 4GB, 8GB, 20GB and 40GB

Stay connected: Global coverage ensures vessels remain connected to land offices (except extreme polar regions)

Leading Reliability: Rigorously tested to withstand the challenges of the marine environment.

Easy Installation & Integration: Easily and seamlessly integrated with the shore-based system. The vessel becomes a seamless offshore office of your company network.

Total Flexibility: Supports both the latest IP services and traditional circuit-switched voice and data for your legacy applications.

Lower communication costs: Choose the terminal and airtime pricing package that best suits your needs.

Enhanced security: Support for private networks, such as VPN, enhances corporate security.

Deckhouse  provides one of the most comprehensive communications solutions available to the maritime market.

GtmailPlus Mail

GTMailPlus is a high-end maritime data communications solution providing a range of capabilities that include Email, Telex, Fax, SMS, Reliable Automatic File Transfer (RAFT), Vessel tracking and Electronic notice of arrival/departure (eNOAD). Could be used over Inmarsat F77 ISDN/MPDS, Inmarsat Fleetbroadband, Fleet Xpress platforms.

Some of the benefits of GTMailPlus

Enhanced Compression A key to reducing costs when sending email over satellite is “Compression” and our existing GTMail software is one of the best  on the market. Following tests our GTMailPlus compression is even better than GTMail.slide-4

Webmail GTMailPlus comes with a webmail client, allowing emails to be accessed from any networked PC.  The Captain no longer needs to return to his cabin to check his mail.

IMAP IMAP is fully supported.  Together with POP3/SMTP, this allows GTMailPlus to work with not only MS Outlook, but any front end e-mail package of choice.

Intelligent Thinking Ships now have more than one satellite communications service, be it VSAT with FBB back up or FBB and F77. GTMailPlus  will think like the Captain when it comes to making a connection.  It will schedule calls, check availability of primary and secondary  services and it also selects the messages it sends and receives  depending upon which route out it is working with. This reduces  both airtime charges and the demands on the Captain’s valuable time.

Preview Mailbox The advent of VSAT packages has fuelled the ‑ames of the already  increasing data usage across the maritime world. However VSAT  has brought a dierent method of working in that there is an increase of data to the ship. This is due to the “all you can eat” concept which encourages shore staff to include the Captain in  messages when they previously would not have done so, creating a problem that we did not have in the past. With GTMailPlus, when the VSAT fails, the FBB is used for back up and so the method of operation must lso change. The extra data acceptable over VSAT can wait whilst using FBB. GTMailPlus has a “Preview Messages in the Mailbox” facility that allows the Captain the same level of control aorded by the “Intelligent Thinking” mentioned above. In particular, this feature allows the Captain to select the important messages and leave the less urgent for when he is back on VSAT. Automatic Updates No More CD’s! There is an easy way to help keep GTMailPlus+ up to date with the latest new additions and features, it is called Automatic Update. All you have to do is turn it on, and you’ll get the latest software update delivered to the vessel as soon as the new release becomes available.

GTSentinel is a cost-effective anti-virus solution that is optimised for the  maritime market, designed to minimise the impact of low bandwidth networks. It is powered by the industry leading and well respected NOD32 anti-virus solution from ESET.   Key benefits of GTSentinel:

Comprehensive protection
Protects vessels against viruses, malware and diallers; offers real-time protection and system monitoring as well as scheduled scans

Highly tuned
No major virus updates; small weekly updates (20-50 kilobytes daily average); no CD updates required

Ease of Use
Automated download, installation and distribution to all networked devices; works seamlessly with GTMailPlus.


A solution for transferring information between client computers (usually ships, but they could be local offices) and head office. Information for transfer could be in the form of word-processing files, spreadsheets, data from on-board monitoring systems, e-forms, system settings or even registry or directory data.

Key benefits of GTRAFT:slide-5

Central Control
Complete central control (Everything is configured in the shore-side Management console); allows task definition, delivery, execution and return of results; automatic process with no crew involvement

Bi-directional file transfer, task automation and execution, remote monitoring and/or control of on-board devices

Built-in resilience to volatile and unstable satellite communication networks; high data compression.


The amount of data sent across expensive satellite links is ever increasing. A good proportion of it is operationally non-critical, such as photographs and email signatures.  Until now combating this costly problem has been difficult.

GTPicsFix is image compression software that applies advanced algorithms to reduce the data size without affecting the picture quality.

Key benefits of GTPicsFix
-Automatically launched by Outlook whenever emails are sent
-Offers complete control of the quality and size of the final image
-User-friendly interface.
-GTMaritime brings ship owners and operators the simplest possible solution, and at no extra cost.

Optimizer Premier


Optimizer Premier is a VoIP gateway and data router that provides an all-in-one solution for vessels looking to get the most out of all available data connections.

Optimizer Premier automatically selects among available data connections, including long-range cellular, Wi-Fi, and all satellite broadband services including Inmarsat FleetBroadband and Fleet Express. Premier also lets users optimize data usage with onboard email and web compression services, and manage access for passengers and crew with an included captive portal

Optimizer Premier features include:

-Automatically selects among available data connections to choose the lowest-cost or preferred available data service
-Captive Portal to control passenger and crew access via username or PIN codes
-Router/Wi-Fi hotspot: Broadcasts the data connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi for use with Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, tablets and computers.
-Firewall: A powerful firewall accommodates virtually any common installation scenario, with features including block or allow any range of port, IP addresses and protocols.
-GPS Tracking: Works with any GSATrack-based service (including RedPort Tracking), the world’s most widely used satellite GPS tracking service.
-NMEA GPS Repeater: Locally broadcast your GPS location via Wi-Fi for access by any NMEA compliant device
-Long-range Wi-Fi compatibility, with the optional RedPort Halo Wi-Fi system, or other compatible third-party Wi-Fi systems

Optimizer Premier is good for anyone who needs to manage a satellite Internet installation for multiple users. Optimizer Premier is loaded with features and services for all but the most complex installations, including:

-Captive portal for Multi-User Internet Access
-PIN-code create for voice and data use
-Unlimited VoIP Extensions
-Shared Web Compression
-RedPort Email for compression email
-GPS Tracking*
-NMEA GPS Repeating
-Powerful routing and firewall options