We do our best to try and answer some of the questions you might have.

For any questions that are not listed here please feel free to email us at sat@deckhouseusa.com.

Q: I want to send a message from land to an INM-C address. How can I do that?

A:  In order to send messages from land to an INM-C address, you first need to be registered at a base station (yer istasyonu). If you get in contact with us, we can register the email addresses you would be using to send the messages. For the email addresses registered, you can send messages to INM – C systems by using the domain addresses we will provide you.

Q: Can I use the Internet in the middle of the ocean?

A:  Yes, Internet access is available anywhere (except for the North and South pole) within the FBB coverage.

Q: What are the devices used in this Internet system?

A:  For the ships that already have FBB, Optimizer VOICE device is connected to FBB to establish an Internet system. Wi-Fi devices on each floor are then connected to the Optimizer VOICE devices to provide wireless Internet access. For a ship with 4 floors, in addition to ship’s existing network system; 1 x Optimizer Crew + 4 x Wi-Fi + 4 x Wi-Fi antenna, are enough for wireless Internet installation.
For the Internet system to work, in addition to the device installations, an Internet package should be selected and the package transition should be completed.

Q: How is the Internet installation process in the ship?

A:  By using the existing network infrastructure in the ship, a WIFI device is installed on each floor. Depending on the size of each floor, two WIFI devices might be required. All WIFI devices are provided by Deckhouse preconfigured.


Q: Can I distribute my Internet quota among the crew?

A:    Yes, With Optimizer device internal captive portal feature, you can create PIN-codes (access codes) by MB or by time. This means you can create a PIN-code for 5MB, calculate what that costs you in terms of airtime, and sell the 5MB PIN-code to crew or passengers at a profit.
When the user gets to their 5MB limit (or whatever you determine it to be), they get booted off the system and can’t access the Internet any longer.

Q: I am in an area where there is no landline. What services can I receive through the Inmarsat system?

A:  With one of the leading satellite operator companies of the world Inmarsat, you can receive telephone, data, sms, fax services where there is no landline. You can even use services that require high bandwidths such as videoconferencing, telemedicine and live broadcasting.

Q: Can I use Inmarsat Voice system with my own cell phone?

A:   No. In order to receive voice services from Inmarsat satellites, you need to use the INMARSAT ISATPHONEs that support this service.

Q: What features does the ISATPHONE have?

A: Satellite telephony (including Bluetooth for handsfree use)
Text and email messaging
GPS location data (view position and text)
IsatPhone provides the ultimate combination of a robust handset that’s easy to use, with long battery life, a reliable network connection with clear voice quality, and global coverage

Q: I work on the ship, can I receive telephone service if I pay for it on my own?

A:     Yes. You can communicate by using the PREPAID telephone card you would buy from your service provider. Although you would be purchasing your own card, the approval for satellite phone usage is up to the authorized personnel.

Q:How do you provide Internet service on the ships?

A:     Internet service on the ships is provided via Fleet Broadband or VSAT systems.
If you have an existing FBB system on your ships, you can have Wi-Fi Internet access by picking one of the Internet packages offered or by using a satellite data router.
If you have a VSAT antenna on your ship, we can provide you with Internet service depending on the specifications of your antenna.
If you do not have FBB or a VSAT antenna, you can get Internet service by installing FBB or a VSAT antenna.

Q: Is there a quota for the Internet used in the ships?

A:    FBB systems offer 3 different quotas, 4GB/ 8 GB/ 12 GB. If you go over your data limit, you will be charged a unit price per MB.

For VSAT systems, there isn’t a quota but FUP is applied.

Q:How much is the cost for the PIN that will be distributed to the crew?

A:     The data usage leftover from the commercial data usage for the ship (such as mail communication, weather reports, etc.), can be used to give out PINs to the crew for internet usage. You can determine the MB rate for the PINs you give out. You can use the unit price MB rate, a higher/lower rate or you can make it completely free.